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Old stories and new Glories...

Spanning over 8 decades and almost every popular genre, EchoRadio?s music is the Soundtrack of Our Lives. It is the music we all grew up with, the music we listen to every day, the music we live with and live for (at least here at EchoRadio).

It all started by chance. A friend asked how he could possibly start a web radio station. Being a pioneer in both web radio and radio automation, I replied ?it is quite easy?! (I created my first web radio 21 years ago, ? and it is still streaming 24/7 and has been for 21 consecutive years. I wrote my first radio automation software 25 years ago. I had my first FM Radio Show 40 years ago!)

So, to show my friend how easy it is, I quickly put together a new Web Radio. It took me a couple of hours to get it up and running, (with a little help from my friends) and a couple of months to fine tune it! Well, it started as a challenge, just to prove how easy it is to start an Internet Radio Station, but little by little and step by step, this little game became an obsession. This obsession created EchoRadio.

EchoRadio aspires to be the Soundtrack of Our Lives. To be with us 24/7 playing pleasent, good quality music. Simple as that.

EchoRadio is not 100% ready yet. And it never will be ? there is always room for improvement. Our immediate plans include the implementation of your feedback and your song requests mechanism, a link with the artist?s biography and information about the song playing and of course plenty of improvements regarding the EchoRadio?s programme, news, repertoire and web-site.

So stay tuned, a lot of nice things are about to happen.
Easy RadioEasy Radio